The easiest and best ways to clean a swimming pool

Keeping a swimming pool clean is very important and it is one of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance. There are many ways to maintain a swimming pool regardless of its size, type or shape. Some methods are more reliable than others, so be sure to choose the method that is most appropriate for your type of pool. There are many ways to automate the process and take the hard work out of it, since you want to have the time to enjoy your pool. If you are wondering about the easiest and best ways to maintain your pool without making it an unpleasant chore, here are some tools that can help you.


Filters are among the most reliable tools that anyone can use to clean a swimming pool. This explains their popularity. There are as many types of filters as there are pools, and it is important to choose one that fits your needs and that is specific to your type of swimming pool. Filters keep the pool clean via micro holes that filter out minute particles and impurities, leaving your pool dirt-free and safe for swimming. My Pool offers a complete line of swimming pool filters from all the major manufactures including Sta-Rite, American Products, Purex, Jacuzzi, Harmsco, Hayward, Swimquip, Pac-Fab, and any more. Our full line of replacement parts for those filters includes American Products filter parts, Pac-Fab filter parts, Purex filter parts, Pentair filter parts, and Hayward filter parts. Filters also help remove leaves, paper, hair and other debris that may become entrapped in pipes, plumbing and other equipment and lead to other problems. Pool filters are an essential tool that aid in keeping your pool sanitary and safe for you and your guests.


Pumps play a pivotal role in the cleaning of any swimming pool. They promote the movement of water within the pool, allowing the filter to easily keep dirt and foreign particles out of the pool. Pumps are central to your pool’s cleaning system, pulling water from one or more suction ports within the pool then pushing it back through the filter to the pools’ return ports. This constant flow helps to keep your pool well-maintained, even when you’re not around to do it yourself. Not all pumps are created the same – there are pumps for in-ground and above-ground filter systems. Pumps also come in different sizes, horsepower and flow rates, so be sure to consult with a professional when selecting a pump to find one that matches your type and size of pool. Our selection of swimming pool pumps from manufacturers such as Hayward , Astral Pumps, Pentair Pumps, Jandy Pumps, and Jacuzzi Pumps allows you to find the pump that will match your particular needs, and to keep your pump running smoothly, we also have a full line of pump parts for these and other major manufacturers.

Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Pool vacuum cleaners are currently among the most popular swimming pool cleaning tools because of the many advantages that are associated with them. They automate the process of keeping your pool clean, and operate quietly and efficiently to do the work for you. These cleaners are designed to clean the bottom, walls and waterline of both concrete and vinyl pools, and come in pressure, side or robotic models. They loosen and suction dirt and algae from the pool, and work with the filtration system to remove these impurities from your pool. The only manual effort that is required is for you to move it occasionally from one position to another when the need arises and to clean or replace the filter cartridge or filter bag when it becomes filled by dirt and debris. Top manufacturers in our product line-up of automatic pool cleaners include Hayward, Polaris, Kreepy Krauly, Letro, Jandy, and Sta-Rite. Be sure to visit our website to find the one that suits your needs. We also have available many replacement parts and accessories for pool vacuum cleaners.

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Your Swimming Pool Pump and Filter – The Heart of Water Circulation

Every pool needs a pool pump and filter filtering out debris and providing circulation for chemicals. It is important to keep the pump and filter running at peak performance.

Role of the pump and filter: and pump combinations play an important role in every pool. They are accountable for circulation and removing debris. Heaters require a pool pump to heat the pool. Pool pumps and filters are sized based on the number of gallons the pool has. It is desirable to have at least one turnover of the pool water in 6-8 hours of circulation.

Maintenance of the pool components is equally essential. Most pumps and filters can be easily rebuilt when needed to keep them running like new. At My Pool we have pump parts, filter parts for all major brands of pumps and filters. Sometimes do to parts being obsolete it may be necessary to replace your pump or filter. Let us help you in the sizing and replacement of Swimming Pool Pump Parts.

When buying a pool pump or filter rely on brand names, simply because when you need parts, these manufacturers are more likely to have them. More often a larger pump than what is needed is put on the pool. Reducing the pump size can be cost effective and energy saving.

Mentioned below are some useful tips to take into account prior to installing a swimming pool pump:

•Pumps should pump enough water in 6-8 hours to cause one turnover of the water.•Brand names and pump functionality: Not all one horsepower pumps pump the same volume of water. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to compare different models. Leaders in the swimming pool industry include Jacuzzi, Hayward, and Pentair pool products.

Swimming pool filter:

Regardless of the type of filter you choose, the size of the filter must be capable of handling the volume of water the pump produces. A smaller than needed filter may cause a higher pressure and less efficient filtration. A larger filter while costing more, will reduce the pressure and reduce the frequency of cleaning. is an on-line retailer of swimming pool products and supplies serving customers on-line since 1998.

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Consider Swimming Pool Lights for Safe Swimming

One of the benefits of having your own patio swimming pool, whether it be an inground or above ground pool, is enjoying the liberty of swimming. It does not matter whether it is day or night. Night time swimming should provide adequate lighting around the deck and in the pool. In-ground pools are fitted with pool lights to light up the sides and base of the pool. pool lights are installed when the swimming-pool itself is built, however this isn’t the case for above ground swimming-pools. We have Hayward and Pentair Pool Lights for in-ground Pools. In addition we have replacement bulbs for most in-ground pool lights.

Above ground pool lights are basically two types, those that attach to the walls and those that float. Some are solar powered, some operate on batteries, and others require electrical hookup. Those requiring electrical hookup should be installed by a licensed electrician. Ideally they will be 12 volt systems. Systems that use straight 110 volts should be avoided, as well as using flood lamps with extension cords. Electrical execution in the pool occurs all too often. Have a licensed professional install it. Do not cut corners.

Another decision to be made while picking swimming pool lights is color. Though white lights are the common option, colors add fun and ambiance to your swimming experience. A number of lights provide the best of both worlds – a white bulb and diverse colored lenses that can be fit into place as desired. lights are some of the most colorful pool lights you can have. Floating lights can light up both above ground and inground pools, and they are available in a multitude of imaginative styles. Floating lights that look like lily pads or elegant jelly fish are just 2 instances of the exceptional pool lights accessible. Several floating lights hold a fountain on the highest point which showers colorful flows of water. A most popular option for swimming-pool parties are floating lights whose numerous colors rotate and boogie underwater like a kaleidoscope.

Having such a large number of options for pool lights makes the selection procedure fun, but the selection itself does not matter as much as guaranteeing that there are some types of lights installed in your patio swimming pool. Safety must be your first consideration. is an on-line retailer of swimming pool products and supplies serving customers on-line since 1998.

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Facts to Consider Before Choosing a Filter for Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool filter is used to remove debris from the pool. For this, you need a pool filter that is good in quality. In the far distant past it was not uncommon to drain the pool when the water quality deteriorated and refill it with fresh water. All pools today must have a properly sized and installed filter. The size of the filter is determined by determining the size of the pool in gallons and dividing it by Four Hundred and Eighty. The resulting number is the gallons of water that the filter must be capable of handling per minute (eight hours x 60 minutes per hour). For example: 80 GPM. The swimming pool pump must be capable of pumping this number of gallons. There are other factors that should be considered, but this discussion we will ignore them. The pump and filter are sized to the gallons of the pool, the pressure of the filter should be within the normal specifications for the filter. A larger filter will lower the operating pressure and increase the time in-between cleaning the filter.

There are three types of swimming pool filters, they are D.E, sand system and cartridge filters. Each has its own characteristics, cost, ease of use, and water quality.

Cartridge filters are made of paper like material, supported on a frame. When water comes into the filter, the debris is captured on the substrate and the clean water is passed back to the pool. The cartridge portion of the filter must be replaced periodically, typical every two to four years. While cartridge filters can be used on any size pool, larger pools require larger filters. Replacing these larger filter elements can be costly. Therefore, cartridge filters are best suited for small to medium sized pools.

While sand filters are less efficient than cartridges. There ease of use not having to buy replacement cartridges is a great economic advantage. Sand filters, water enters the top of the filter, flows downward through the sand and back to the pool. Sand filters are best for medium and large pools. If water quality is maintained properly the sand could easily last 5-10 or more years.

D.E. stands for diatomaceous earth, which’s the petrified remains of diatoms, a kind of hard-shelled algae. It’s rough and cruse texture makes it a great, organic filtration medium. D.E. filters produce the finest water quality. The D.E. powder is coated on to a nylon cloth material, the water is passed thru the D.E. thru the substrate and back to the pool. D.E filters are the most costly to buy and medium in cost for on-going expenses. They are best suited for medium to large pools.

At we have Hayward pool filters and Hayward pool filter parts. My Pool is a leading supplier of Hayward pool products and accessories that are ideal as far as price and quality are concerned. So, feel free to contact us now! 954-442-1066 (EST).

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Hayward Navigator – The Best Pool Cleaner Available In the Market

If you’re searching for a best in class swimming-pool cleaner, consider the Hayward Navigator. This cleaner has been in the marketplace a number of years and has its roots back in the late 80’s. Hayward’s commitment to excellence has seen improvements in design and performance. Hayward navigator is packed with a wide variety of exclusive features which makes it an effective and extremely powerful pool cleaner. Among the exclusive features the Hayward Navigator is its mapping capability. The circular pattern cleaning cleans all parts of the pool surface. Another major advantage of this swimming-pool cleaner is the fact that the entire cleaning is accomplished without the requirement for any human interference.

Smart drive programming:

The Hayward Navigator is equipped with a brilliant drive navigation program. This makes sure the cleaner moves efficiently and silently. The efficient steering of the Hayward Navigator will clean the entire pool surface. The cleaner turns right and left cleaning the pool design of the Hayward Navigator pool cleaner assures that it will eliminate all types of debris including twigs, dry leaves, pollen, pebbles, and sand from every inch of your swimming pool. Because of this the Hayward Navigator is believed to be one of the finest pool cleaners available in the market. Regardless of the dimension of your swimming pool, you’ll find this item to work wonders when it is all about thorough cleaning.

Installation of the Hayward Navigator could not be easier. Take it out of the box, connect hoses, attach hose to cleaner, and insert hose either into the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line.

Buy Hayward Navigator Parts, Hayward cleaner parts, and other pool accessories from Mypool at a discounted price, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

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How to Take Care of Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Do you like swimming more than anything else? It’s extremely crucial to sanitize your swimming pool at regular intervals to avoid any health issues. Swimming pool filters are a superb means to remove the debris particles from the pool which helps your pool sanitizer work more efficiently. You must maintain that filter for optimum results. pool filters: Cartridge pool filters consist of a paper like material that removes the debris from the pool by allowing water to pass through the substrate, returning water to the pool sparkling clean. Replacing pool filter cartridges can be costly so you want to make them last as long as possible. Clean cartridges periodically by removing the cartridge from the housing and simply hose them off with a strong stream of water.

Never use acid on a filter as it can shorten the life of the filter. Maintaining good water chemistry will also prolong the life of the filter. Excessive use of sun tan oils can cause an oil build up on the cartridge. Soaking your cartridge in a mixture of one cup of tri sodium phosphate to five gallons of water can be beneficial. Powered dish washer detergent can also be used. A typical cartridge has a standard longevity of two to three years. With a little care this can easily be extended to three to four years, which will avoid premature cartridge failure of one to two years.


Make sure the pressure is within the normal operating range for your filter. Excessive pressure can damage the filter and force dirt back into the pool. Cartridge filters should be cleaned when the pressure reaches 5-8 pounds above the pressure when initially installed.

Regular cleaning:

Cleaning of cartridges regularly is certain to extend Cartridge filter life.

Don’t damage the filter: using brushes on the surface of the filter. Only use water pressure or the cleaning method described above.

Use 2 sets of cartridges:

You can improve the life-span of cartridges by employing two sets of cartridge, alternatively. You must clean dirt cartridges on a regular basis and keep them in a dry and safe place to improve their performance. This is especially useful when you have to soak cartridges to remove oils.

When the inevitable comes, that you have to change your pool filter cartridges, look to My Pool for you source of swimming pool replacement cartridges. We have hundreds of cartridge for all types of cartridge pool filters.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners Are the Best Choice

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard can certainly prove to be enjoyable. When the weather heats up, diving into a sparkling clear pool certainly brightens the day. You can enjoy swimming in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you are a fitness enthusiast, what could be better than exercising your entire body with a workout in your own swimming-pool? Your pool can be an entertainment center if you want to hold barbecues and pool parties.

urlHowever, to perform all these activities throughout the year you need to maintain your pool properly; lying around under the summer sun by the swimming pool is something you can look forward to. Cleaning your pool requires manual labor, dexterity and some expertise. The reality is that cleaning your pool is an extremely important task. It removes debris from the pool, helps chlorine last longer, and keeps the pool inviting. Periodic brushing helps prevent algae growth. Cleaning your pool is a necessary evil.

Picking the best swimming pool cleaner can be a complicated task due to the range of cleaners that have swamped the market. Pressure and automatic pool cleaners and the newest innovation, robotic pool cleaners, all promise to provide a hands free means of cleaning pools made of concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl.

An automatic pool cleaners can be an aid to helping clean your pool. Most require minimal effort to help maintain the pool in a clean and appealing way. Most cleaners are capable of cleaning the walls and the floor of the pool. Remember to keep the pool water at the proper level so skimming of the pool will be done in an efficient manner, helping any cleaner do a better job.

The automatic pool cleaners have been designed to clean pools of any size whether they are above-ground or in-ground pools. You need to look for a pool cleaner that is designed for in ground or above ground pools and which type of surface of the pool is composed.

url1A long time favorite of mine is the Hayward Pool Vac Pool Cleaner, This is a in-ground suction cleaner that attaches to the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line. Hayward has produced various models of this cleaner for over 15 years, constantly improving its look and design. For above ground pools the Hayward Aqua Bug is a low cost suction side cleaner. Hayward Pool cleaners can be your best option when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. These popular cleaners help save you time and effort in maintaining your pool. Installation of these pool cleaners is relatively simple, taking less than 10 minutes to start cleaning your pool.

All pool cleaners will require maintenance at We have Hayward pool cleaner parts for all Hayward Brand pool cleaners. Both old and new models are in stock ready for shipment.

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