The best way to keep your swimming pool in good shape

If you have a swimming pool, you should be concerned about its upkeep. Upkeep of a swimming pool includes: Keeping it clean and sanitary and ensuring the pool equipment is working at optimal performance. Water appearance may not be the only criteria by which you should judge your pool’s health. A perfectly blue clear pool may lack chlorine or other sanitizer at sufficient levels to ensure the safety of the swimmers. For this and many other reasons, you always have to make sure that your swimming pool is properly maintained at all times. The most important aspect is of course the level of the swimming pool sanitizer, typically chlorine. Removing excess debris from the pool will allow the chlorine level to be maintained at sufficient levels to be healthy. Remember anything that enters the pool will most likely reduce the chlorine level. This includes leaves, bugs, and bather load. For example: A fountain, while pretty, that spays water into the air, can reduce the chlorine level. There are numerous ways of keeping a swimming pool in perfect shape. Some of the major ways to always keep your swimming in a condition that is good enough for swimming are indicated in the passage.

• Ensure proper filtration of the Swimming Pool Water

In-pool-parts-3The swimming pool filter system is an important part of the proper maintenance of your pool. Your swimming pool filter should be cleaned frequently; A dirty filter can reduce the chlorine level of the pool and reduce the flow of water going back to the pool. Sand Filters should be backwashed when the pressure increases 3-5 pounds. Remember to turn off the pump when cycling between filter, backwash, and rinse. Repeat this process 2-3 times for best results. DE filters require the DE powder to be removed and replaced. Typically this is done when the pressure increases 3-5 pounds. Periodically, the filter will require opening and cleaning of the actual grids that are used to hold the DE powder. Finally, Cartridge filters require removal of the cartridge from its housing, and, hosing down the cartridge with a strong jet of water. When the filter media deteriorates, replacing the swimming pool filter cartridge.

At My Pool, we have complete swimming pool filters as well as replacement swimming pool filter parts for all types of swimming pool filters including Hayward Filters, Pentair Filters and Jacuzzi Filters.

• Keep contamination at bay:

swimming pool skimmer basketsAs a pool owner you must keep debris and other contaminants out of the pool. Make sure your skimmer weir is working properly and the swimming pool skimmer baskets is not cracked or broken. A swimming pool cleaners can help remove debris from the pool and provide additional filtration. Remember when the cleaner picks up the debris, the collected debris should be removed periodically. This includes emptying of bags, leaf canisters and pump baskets.

Chemical treatment of water:

Apart from cleaning the filter and ensuring the circulation system is working out at optimum performance, water chemistry is extremely important. Pool water should be tested weekly for pH and Chlorine levels. Alkalinity, Calcium, and Cyanuric Acid levels should be checked monthly. The key to water testing is to have a professional quality water test kit and to make sure the chemicals in the kit are fresh. Replacing the test kit chemicals periodically is essential.


How to Make Your Swimming Pool A Safe Zone For Everyone

For a joyful swimming experience, swimming pool safety is the first and foremost thing that every pool owner should consider. From the ancient times to this modern era, swimming has been one of the most enjoyable and healthy leisure activities. Earlier swimming pools were only used for exercises, but now a swimming pool is a major attraction in any home. For such reasons, swimming pool safety should be given utmost importance. Here we will discuss about how you should take care of your swimming pool to make it one of the safest environments for everyone:

swimming pool parts |mypool.comClearness: Part of the attraction of a pool is its clean sparkling water. Unclear water isn’t tempting to dive into and sometimes dangerous as well. While a cloudy pool is not necessarily unsanitary it certainly is a sign of a problem. It could be improperly balanced water or a filter system that is not working properly.

Swimming Pool ChemicalsSafety with chemicals: Understanding water chemistry is very important. Until water is allowed to circulate after the addition of pool chemicals it may be unsafe to swim. Never mix chemicals. Read the labels, If adding two or more chemicals allow the chemicals to circulate at least one hour before adding the second or third chemical. Store chemicals in a cool dry place, Pool chemicals can be toxic depending on the type of chemical. Keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Preventing redundant entry to the pool: A Child-Proof fence around an in-ground pool is an essential part of swimming pool safety. Above ground pools should have a barrier preventing entry into the steps to the pool. Be mindful of items such as chairs and tables that may be used as a means to overcome the barrier to the pool.

Floating toys in the pool can often attract children to reach for them and then they fall in. Avoid floating toys being left in the pool that can attack children. |Phone: 954-442-1066Taking all these precautions will certainly make your pool a more safe environment and more pleasurable than ever before. Online is the best platform to buy swimming pool parts and accessories at a genuine price. So, start shopping online now!

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Hayward Navigator – The Best Pool Cleaner Available In the Market

If you’re searching for a best in class swimming-pool cleaner, consider the Hayward Navigator. This cleaner has been in the marketplace a number of years and has its roots back in the late 80’s. Hayward’s commitment to excellence has seen improvements in design and performance. Hayward navigator is packed with a wide variety of exclusive features which makes it an effective and extremely powerful pool cleaner. Among the exclusive features the Hayward Navigator is its mapping capability. The circular pattern cleaning cleans all parts of the pool surface. Another major advantage of this swimming-pool cleaner is the fact that the entire cleaning is accomplished without the requirement for any human interference.

Smart drive programming:

The Hayward Navigator is equipped with a brilliant drive navigation program. This makes sure the cleaner moves efficiently and silently. The efficient steering of the Hayward Navigator will clean the entire pool surface. The cleaner turns right and left cleaning the pool design of the Hayward Navigator pool cleaner assures that it will eliminate all types of debris including twigs, dry leaves, pollen, pebbles, and sand from every inch of your swimming pool. Because of this the Hayward Navigator is believed to be one of the finest pool cleaners available in the market. Regardless of the dimension of your swimming pool, you’ll find this item to work wonders when it is all about thorough cleaning.

Installation of the Hayward Navigator could not be easier. Take it out of the box, connect hoses, attach hose to cleaner, and insert hose either into the skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line.

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How to Take Care of Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Do you like swimming more than anything else? It’s extremely crucial to sanitize your swimming pool at regular intervals to avoid any health issues. Swimming pool filters are a superb means to remove the debris particles from the pool which helps your pool sanitizer work more efficiently. You must maintain that filter for optimum results. pool filters: Cartridge pool filters consist of a paper like material that removes the debris from the pool by allowing water to pass through the substrate, returning water to the pool sparkling clean. Replacing pool filter cartridges can be costly so you want to make them last as long as possible. Clean cartridges periodically by removing the cartridge from the housing and simply hose them off with a strong stream of water.

Never use acid on a filter as it can shorten the life of the filter. Maintaining good water chemistry will also prolong the life of the filter. Excessive use of sun tan oils can cause an oil build up on the cartridge. Soaking your cartridge in a mixture of one cup of tri sodium phosphate to five gallons of water can be beneficial. Powered dish washer detergent can also be used. A typical cartridge has a standard longevity of two to three years. With a little care this can easily be extended to three to four years, which will avoid premature cartridge failure of one to two years.


Make sure the pressure is within the normal operating range for your filter. Excessive pressure can damage the filter and force dirt back into the pool. Cartridge filters should be cleaned when the pressure reaches 5-8 pounds above the pressure when initially installed.

Regular cleaning:

Cleaning of cartridges regularly is certain to extend Cartridge filter life.

Don’t damage the filter: using brushes on the surface of the filter. Only use water pressure or the cleaning method described above.

Use 2 sets of cartridges:

You can improve the life-span of cartridges by employing two sets of cartridge, alternatively. You must clean dirt cartridges on a regular basis and keep them in a dry and safe place to improve their performance. This is especially useful when you have to soak cartridges to remove oils.

When the inevitable comes, that you have to change your pool filter cartridges, look to My Pool for you source of swimming pool replacement cartridges. We have hundreds of cartridge for all types of cartridge pool filters.

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What to Consider Before Buying Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters filter out dirt and debris from the water. Without a filter, the quality of the swimming pool water will deteriorate rapidly. When installing a pool filter, size does matter. The pump and filter must be properly sized to the volume of the swimming pool. There are three main types of pool filters for swimming pools. They are cartridge, D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) and sand. However, there are several crucial factors that need to be taken into account before deciding which filter is appropriate for your swimming pool.

How the swimming-pool filters work?

First, let’s discuss cartridge filters. The cartridge is made from special paper like material and is sized by increasing the height and or the number of pleats. When the water goes through the filter, the paper traps the dirt while the water passes through, Water is sent back into the swimming pool, nice and clean. Cartridges need replacement, typically ever 2-5 years. Cartridge filters are used on spas to large pools. Larger pools require larger cartridge surface areas to accommodate increased volume of the pump. Cartridge filters produce more polished water as compared to sand, but not quite as great as D.E.’s. filters, the water generally flows from top to bottom through the sand. The sand in the filter is a special silica sand prepared especially for swimming pool filters. The sand first traps larger particles and as the filter gets dirtier it traps smaller particles. Sand filters are used on small to extremely large pools. They are easy to maintain and very reasonable to purchase. Sand filters are my personal favorite.

DE, stands for diatomaceous earth. DE is a powder of solidified remains of diatoms, a kind of hard-shelled algae. Its rough and coarse texture makes it a great, natural filtration gadget. The DE powder is coated onto grids, the water passes through the DE and through the grid to filter the water. Periodically, when the pressure increases, the DE needs to be replaced. Diatomaceous Earth filters are the most efficient of the three and can filter debris and dirt out to 3-5 microns. DE filters are generally the most expensive to purchase. Pool filter grids within the filter typically last 5-10 years. D.E. Filters are ideal for medium to large in-ground swimming-pools.

Once you have determined the size of the filter, choosing the type of filter is more or less a personal preference.

MyPool, is a leading supplier of pool supplies offering Hayward Pool Filters to make your pool as clean as it could be. MyPool has Hayward swimming pool filter parts that are not just great in quality but very affordable as well. In fact, at MyPool, you can find everything you require to keep your swimming pool sparkling and clean all summer long.

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Common Swimming Pool Cleaner Problems

Every pool is constructed differently. Each pool has a personality and each pool cleaner has its own personality. Sometimes matching the pool cleaner to a specific pool can be a daunting task. Once you have found the right combination, keeping that cleaner working year after year is the responsibility of the home owner. Your first task is to read the owner’s manual. It contains valuable information on replacing parts and checking your cleaner when it is malfunctioning. All pool cleaners will require maintenance regardless of their brand and model. The surface of the pool will affect the longevity of the pool cleaner. Rougher surfaces will cause more wear on the pool cleaner. Below are some common issues that can cause pool cleaners to malfunction.

Some of the most common problems found in pool cleaners are the following:

Hose gets tangled:

green-pool• This could be a consequence of hanging the hose on a hook throughout the winter, or it’s wound up too firmly. To resolve this issue, you should lay the hose in a straight line, out in the sunlight. The suns heat will help remove the coil.

• For hoses with swivels, are they spinning freely – check out that all hose swivels are properly functioning.

• Hose floats have lost their buoyancy, causing the hose to sink below the surface. Substitute hose floats.

Cleaner doesn’t move at all:

• Small stones and sticks can become blocked inside the throat of a suction or pressure cleaner.

• Check wall strainers for debris and backwash the filter.

• Belt driven, just like the Polaris 380, check out that the drive belts haven’t cracked or become stretched.

• If booster pump driven, detach the cleaner at the wall, and make sure that great water force is coming out of the wall.

• For suction cleaner, ensure that the filter and pump are cleaned.

Cleaner doesn’t reach all parts of the pool:

• If your cleaner gets jammed in the deep end, you could have a pressure issue.alpha3

• Suction cleaners may have an inner problem with their gear box, which prevents complete travel around the pool.

• Water flood from your pool returns can stop cleaner travel into certain parts of the pool.

• Most swimming pool cleaners won’t climb steps.

All pool cleaners need some kind of maintenance. Items such as bags, shoes or wings should be kept on hand at all times. Other pool cleaner parts and accessories can be ordered as needed. You can order pool cleaner parts for most pool cleaners at If you have question you can e-mail us

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Hayward Pool Filters for Best Filtration into a cloudy or dirty swimming pool might be safe, it certainly is not appealing. In order to make a pool appealing it must be sanitary, clear and blue. Swimming pools require constant sanitization and cleaning. The heart of the cleaning is the pool pump and filter. The pump and filter must be sized correctly. The pump must be sized to the filter correctly, too large a pump in relation to the filter will not clean properly. Hayward is one of the leaders in swimming pool equipment. Hayward makes pumps, filters and chlorinators. Often when a pool is built you get the equipment installed by the pool builder. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your equipment, choosing Hayward brand products is a wise choice. Whether you pool is old or new you can add a Hayward Chlorinator to your pool. Chlorinators are small vessels that are plumbed into the filtration system after the pool filter. They hold chlorine tables and typically have a dial that allows you to regulate the water flow thru the chlorinator, increasing the dial will allow more chlorine to be dispensed to the pool. One consideration for using this type of chlorinator is the tablets are not directly in the pool and are away from children.

Hayward pool filters are available in three media types: Sand, Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth. Each type of filter has advantages, cost savings and ability to filter your water efficiently.

The 3 classes of Hayward swimming-pool filters are sand filters, cartridge filters, and DE filters. The kind of filtration method you would select will rely on the size of your pool, geographical location and personal preference. Regardless of the type, Hayward Filters will provide you years of service and a great looking pool. Briefly here are the three types.

Sand filters:

The Hayward sand filter consists of a tank filled with pool-grade sand. When the water is passed through the filter, the sand traps the dirt. Sand filters require backwashing to periodically eliminate the dirt trapped in the sand.

Cartridge filters:

Hayward cartridge filters employ paper-like cartridges. The cartridges are employed to filter out the undesired debris from the circulating water. Larger cartridge filters employ more surface area in less space. Larger filters mean cleaning less often. Just cleaning these with a garden host is what needed for a proper cleaning.

DE filtration system: you’re looking for maximum level of accuracy in cleaning & sanitizing a pool, selecting the DE filter system would be the ideal choice for you. This filtration machinery makes use of diatomaceous earth, an absorbent material made with the compressed exoskeletons of diatoms.

Hayward supplies a wide collection of models for pool filters. A long time favorite of the pool industry is the Hayward Perflex Diatomaceous Earth filtration systems which offers great performance and reasonably is priced.

At we offer a large selection of Hayward Filters and Hayward Filter Parts.

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