The Many Advantages of A Robotic Pool Cleaner

After filling your pool for the first time and having it balanced, the water is clear and sparkling blue. It does not take long to realize the time and effort that goes into keeping that pool blue, clear and clean. There are many pool professionals that can come to you pool weekly, test and treat the water and clean the pool as needed. This can cost $50-150 or more per month to have this done. The actual cost will depend on economic conditions in your area.

One way to help keep the costs down is to invest in an automatic pool cleaner. In general there are three types of pool cleaners: Suction side, Pressure side and Robotic pool cleaners. The cost of an automatic pool cleaner can range from about $125.00 to over $1000.00. Robotic swimming pool cleaners are somewhat unique in that they do not use the pools filtration system. They typically are driven by battery or an electrical umbilical cord. A robotic pool cleaner can deal with any type of pool structure from vinyl or fibreglass to concrete and any pool shape.

How a robotic pool cleaner operates?

When the pool needs cleaning, the robotic pool cleaner is lowered into the pool and allowed to do its job, typically 30 minutes to 2-3 hours depending on the pool size.

Cost of a robotic pool cleaner:

A standard robotic pool cleaner consist a single moving unit, making it both easy to take care and energy competent. A favourite of the industry is Hayward’s Tigershark costing about one thousand dollars.

Having a robotic pool cleaner will free you from the labor of removing debris from your swimming-pool and will allow you spend those hours in the sun while having fun with your child or family.

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Swimming Pool Products and Accessories information and tips

Are you looking for pocket-friendly pool products and accessories? Or are you looking for information and tips how various swimming pool products work and get installed? MyPool has a wide range of products for your swimming pool, hot tub and spa. Whether you need a swimming pool cleaner, a pool heater, a replacement pool cover or maintenance equipment, My Pool offers the right products for all your needs at an affordable price.

swimming pool cleaner

Swimming pool supplies and chemicals.

MyPool has a wide selection of pool chemicals and cleaning solutions from which to choose from. If you are want to maintain your pool properly, the right chemicals have to be used to keep your swimming pool water clear, clean and safe for swimming. The available products include chemicals and cleaners, maintenance equipment, pumps and filters, ladders and steps, and pool liners and covers. Pool lighting and heating services are also provided here.


There are several accessories which are available at MyPool. Some of the accessories include solar blankets, fountains, thermometers, and toys. The recreational toys such as volleyball, basketball, and badminton are available. The swimming pool accessories available here are suitable for commercial and residential pools.


Services offered

MyPool is a family owned, small business which can help by answering questions, directions and more. We have a number of Pool Guides that answer a variety of pool questions. Take a look at one of our latest guides “What is Algae”

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Efficient and effective Swimming pool cleaners

MyPool offers swimming pool cleaners, manually operated vacuums, automatic pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners. For efficient and effective pool maintenance, you can put trust MyPool. Modern advanced technologies with proven reliability are used to give the pool owner a consistently cleaned pool all the time. With an automatic pool cleaner as a pool owner requires minimal effort by the pool owner. Besides cleaning the pool, automatic pool cleaners provide additional circulation and distribution of chemicals. The automatic pool cleaners can be divided into three groups: pressure driven, suction driven, and robotic cleaners.

Pressure Driven Pool Cleaners

Polaris 280 Pool CleanerSome, but not all pressure driven pool cleaners require a booster pump. A booster pump provides additional pressure to operate the pool cleaner. A dedicated pressure line comes from the booster pump to the side-wall of the pool cleaner, to which the cleaner attaches. Popular among this type of cleaner is the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner. Another Polaris pool cleaner the Polaris 360 does not require a booster pump. It connects to one of the return line of the swimming pool.

Suction Driven Pool Cleaners

Suction driven pool cleaners operate off a dedicated vacuum line or the skimmer. A perennial popular pool cleaner is the Hayward Pool Vac, which has been produced in many styles including the Hayward Navigator.

Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Hayward Navigator.

Robotic pool cleaners have been around for many years. The principal characteristics are they do not work in conjunction with the pool system. They clean by placing the cleaner into the pool. The pool cleaner operates either by battery or an electrical umbilical cord. Debris is collected directly into the cleaner, which then needs to be cleaned. The most popular in this class of cleaners is the Hayward TigerShark

Manual Vacuum Cleaners:

If the budget does not permit an automatic pool cleaner, manually vacuuming and brushing of the pool is a necessity. The basic operation is to attach the vacuum head to the pole, attach the hose, and connect the hose to the skimmer and vacuum. It is old fashion, but it works and does the job of keeping the pool free of debris.

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Most Affordable Means to Operate a Pool Heater

You can extend your swimming season into the cooler months by installing a good quality pool heater. As with all-power consuming gadgets, the heater can quickly become a drain on your budget if not handled appropriately. The major consideration in effectively utilizing the pool heater is how often you make use of the swimming pool.

Heater size:

HE-24501Having the appropriate size of a heater, heats the swimming pool in the quickest time and decreases damage on the gadget. The surface area of the swimming pool and the required heat rise decide the needed BTU – or the sum of power output – from the pool heater. For instance, a medium sized, 500-square-foot swimming pool that requires a standard temperature climb of fifteen degrees Fahrenheit needs, a 105,000 BTU heater.

When to heat?

If the swimming pool isn’t going to be utilized for many days or more, it’s more efficient to allow it to cool down and then start heating it the day prior to you wish to utilize it. Generally, it takes about twenty-four hours to raise a swimming pool to the required heat, but this estimate differs with the initial water temperature. If the swimming pool is in regular use, or if you wish to use it impulsively, it should be kept the pool heated continuously, which raises the expenditure. Keeping a solar cover on the swimming pool between uses lessens the heat loss and can significantly lower the cost of heating the pool.

Heater types:

The type of heater influences its effectiveness. Many California counties need a low NOx” ignition burner in pool heaters due to its greater effectiveness. Induced draft heaters are also effective, as they draw air into the heater offering a hotter ignition. Millivolt heaters employ a constant navigator light that burns out gas whether the heater in use or not.

Water temperature:

Not making use of the heater just when the water dips below an acceptable temperature, keeps the power usage down. A swimming pool that is seventy-eight degrees or higher temperature is comfortable for most people. If you’re thinking about saving cash or power, run your pool heater only when the water temperature falls below seventy-eight degrees. If the water is adequately tepid, the air temperature will be less significant. Outside temperatures in the 50s, and even 40s, can be tolerated if the heater is keeping the swimming-pool water tepid.

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Common Swimming Pool Cleaner Problems

Every pool is constructed differently. Each pool has a personality and each pool cleaner has its own personality. Sometimes matching the pool cleaner to a specific pool can be a daunting task. Once you have found the right combination, keeping that cleaner working year after year is the responsibility of the home owner. Your first task is to read the owner’s manual. It contains valuable information on replacing parts and checking your cleaner when it is malfunctioning. All pool cleaners will require maintenance regardless of their brand and model. The surface of the pool will affect the longevity of the pool cleaner. Rougher surfaces will cause more wear on the pool cleaner. Below are some common issues that can cause pool cleaners to malfunction.

Some of the most common problems found in pool cleaners are the following:

Hose gets tangled:

green-pool• This could be a consequence of hanging the hose on a hook throughout the winter, or it’s wound up too firmly. To resolve this issue, you should lay the hose in a straight line, out in the sunlight. The suns heat will help remove the coil.

• For hoses with swivels, are they spinning freely – check out that all hose swivels are properly functioning.

• Hose floats have lost their buoyancy, causing the hose to sink below the surface. Substitute hose floats.

Cleaner doesn’t move at all:

• Small stones and sticks can become blocked inside the throat of a suction or pressure cleaner.

• Check wall strainers for debris and backwash the filter.

• Belt driven, just like the Polaris 380, check out that the drive belts haven’t cracked or become stretched.

• If booster pump driven, detach the cleaner at the wall, and make sure that great water force is coming out of the wall.

• For suction cleaner, ensure that the filter and pump are cleaned.

Cleaner doesn’t reach all parts of the pool:

• If your cleaner gets jammed in the deep end, you could have a pressure issue.alpha3

• Suction cleaners may have an inner problem with their gear box, which prevents complete travel around the pool.

• Water flood from your pool returns can stop cleaner travel into certain parts of the pool.

• Most swimming pool cleaners won’t climb steps.

All pool cleaners need some kind of maintenance. Items such as bags, shoes or wings should be kept on hand at all times. Other pool cleaner parts and accessories can be ordered as needed. You can order pool cleaner parts for most pool cleaners at If you have question you can e-mail us

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Swimming Pool Cleaners Are The Most Essential Accessories For Your Pool! who owns a pool knows how tough it’s to maintain it. Pool maintenance is never easy, particularly if you live in a rural setting. Grass & leaves are a regular danger to the health of your swimming-pool. Leaves and other debris in large quantities can cause the swimming pool pumps baskets to become clogged, restricting the flow of the water to the filter. This reduced flow and increased organic matter being introduced into the pool can rapidly deplete the chlorine levels and cause the pool to turn the same color as your lawn. People who use hand-held pool cleaning nets & mesh baskets understand this problem very well, and if you are consistent in your efforts, you can stay ahead of the problem. you’re the proud owner of a swimming pool, then finding a good swimming pool cleaner is important for saving you time and to help keep that investment looking great. There are many different types of swimming pool cleaners on the market today. Generally speaking, there are three types of pool cleaners, those operating on suction, those operating on pressure, and robotics, which are totally independent of the pool system. Suction pool cleaners are perhaps the simpliest, and defitely the least expensive to buy. Take it out of the box, plug it into the skimmer and it cleans the pool while the pump is running. Pressure driven pool cleaners are a great choice. Specialized plumbing is required and is best purchased when a pool is being built. Robotic cleaners are stand-alone pool cleaners either operating off an electrical umbilical cord or re-chargeable battery.

What a Good Pool Cleaner Can Do:

While many pool owners believe that they keep their swimming-pool free of debris and dirt because they’re keeping it sparkling, the reality is that bacteria, particularly in warm climates, like damp areas, such as swimming pools. A good cleaner will check your pool water and circulate the water with chlorine or regulate its pH levels as needed to ensure it’s safe for swimming. You can feel confident that your cleaner is keeping your pool water clean, and that your pool cleaner is keeping your swimming-pool looking great. Nobody loves to swim around in a leaf & twig muddled pool, or share it with frogs, insects, and the occasional turtle or snake, and they certainly don’t want to swim in water that is riddled with bacteria.

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What Kind of Swimming Pool Cleaners Should You Choose – Manual Or Automated?

Having a swimmPool-Cleanering-pool can be mean many hours of leisure or many hours or hard work. While many people dream of having a swimming pool, most fail to measure the pros and cons of owning a pool. One consideration of having your own pool is the issue of cleaning. In fact, pool cleaning could be a tedious and extensive process, and people often hire someone else to handle that chore.

However, there are other ways of cleaning your pool besides hiring a professional. We will discuss swimming pool cleaners, which can clean your pool easily and efficiently. In fact, there are different types and sizes of pool cleaners available on the market.

Different kinds of swimming pool cleaners:

Swimming Pool Cleaners can be divided into three types: Manual, Vacuum and Pressure Cleaners. Swimming pool vacuum cleaners can be manual or automated. Manualswimming pool cleaners rely on you to operate them to remove debris from the pool.The vacuum is attached to the end of a pole and the pool is vacuumed row by row. Automated vacuum swimming pool cleaners work with your filter to remove dirt and debris. These cleaners are attached to a suction line of the pool, either in the skimmer or a dedicated line in the side of the pool, and dirt is captured by your filter. The filter is removed and washed off with a hose to keep it clean and functioning optimally. Pressure pool cleaners rely on pressure to drive the pool cleaner. Often dirt is collected in a bag on top of the cleaner and a tail moves dirt around to allow the filter to remove the finer particles. The bag will require emptying periodically.

Each method has some advantages and some difficulties. Manual vacuums require your time and effort to clean the pool whereas automated vacuum pool cleaners run while the pump is on. Vacuum pool cleaners often use a leaf canister to remove leaves, and will require emptying when full. Pressure driven cleaners will require emptying of the bag and cleaning of the filter similar to vacuum pool cleaners.

Automatic pool cleaners, either the vacuum or pressure type, often will get caught on the main drain, light, ladder or get caught in a corner. Some have backup valves to help resolve these issues. When building a pool always make sure that there are no sharp corners, which will help minimize these issues.

Other swimming pool cleaners:

If you are looking for a solution to overcome the downside of manual pool cleaner, there’s the choice of an automatic pool cleaner. They’re basically similar to the manual cleaner, but they don’t require any additional effort from you. All you need to do is to put the automatic cleaner in the pool and it will do the job for you. There are many types of swimming pool cleaners available, and you should choose the one that is most convenient and economical for your needs.

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