How to Clean the Skimmer & Pump Basket ?

Insuring the skimmer and pump basket are clean is essential for the proper maintenance of your pool. Blocked skimmer or pump baskets can restrict the water going into the pool. This can cause the pump to work harder and possible seal failure. Once the seal fails, the motor is likely to be damaged and result in failure of the motor.

urlClean baskets will allow your pump to work at maximum efficiency, cooling the pump and preventing seal failure. A damaged pump basket should be replaced. If not, debris that is allowed to get past the basket can clog the impeller, causing reduce water flow. Remember, a properly running pool pump will allow for proper circulation of chemicals and a sparkling clear pool. Clean the pump basket and skimmer at least once a week by following the guidelines below:

Sanitizing the pump basket:

• Switch off the heater; allow water in heater to dissipate the heat before turning off the pool pump.

• Turn off the booster pump, if one is installed.

• In some cases, shut skimmer and main drain valves.

• Remove the pump lid.

• Reach into the pump basket and remove as much debris as possible before removing the basket.

• Remove basket. Use a garden hose to clean the basket. If needed, inspect basket for cracks and basket integrity. Replace pump basket if necessary

• Reinstall pump basket. Don’t over squeeze the basket.

• Examine the pump lid and o-ring for damage or cracks and grease pump lid with a light coating of silicone grease. Make sure the o-ring is clean, a single leaf, grain of sand or hair can cause the lid not to seal properly.

• Put the lid back in place, Do not over tighten. If it is necessary for you to tighten the lid to get the pump to prime, the o-ring might need replacement.

• Open the skimmer and main drain valves if closed.

• Turn on the pool pump.

• Use filter air bleed valve to remove trapped air.

• Turn on Pool booster pump and heater.

Cleaning the skimmer basket:

BA-0107G• Turn off the pool pump

• Take away skimmer lid

• Take away skimmer basket and drain out

• Set up the basket back into the skimmer

• Set up skimmer lid and urn on the system

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